Residential & Commercial Solar Services

Reap the financial and environmental benefits of solar, a renewable energy source that’s ideal for domestic and commercial use.

Want to reduce your carbon footprint? Solar is the way to go!

Drawing power from the sun makes you less reliant on the traditional sources of electricity that are often derived from fossil fuels.

Solar power systems offer the promise of lower energy bills and are highly durable in many whether conditions, including hail. Your existing solar systems are covered by most home insurance policies, which means if unlikely damage was to occur, your only out of pocket expense would be your insurance excess.

Is my solar power system producing the warranted output?

We are equipped with data loggers, which we utilise to inspect commercial power consumption. We connect our data logger to the main switchboard on site to monitor a week’s duration of power usage. This is recorded in one-minute intervals and provides direct insight into what size solar system will best serve your solar needs. Having access to this collated data allows for an increase in your businesses return on investment while reducing your consumption in fuels.

We are also available for all repairs and maintenance on any new or existing solar systems that you have.


Your solar system is working hard to create energy, it is exposed to all types of weather conditions day and night. Over time, dirt, debris or damage can reduce their performance.

So whether you had a system installed by Wired Rite Electrical or another supplier, a Comprehensive Solar System Inspection gives you peace of mind knowing your solar power system is working efficiently and safely, creating free power from the sun and saving you on power bills.

We will perform a comprehensive and detailed check of your entire solar system for safety and performance purposes and identify any areas where your system needs attention.


Comprehensive Solar System Inspection & Report only $129!

  • Inspection of all Solar System components looking for visual defects such as fractures, build-up of dirt & debris, corrosion & moisture damage.
  • Inspection of any junction boxes, isolators, insulation and cabling to ensure integrity.
  • Test all DC Isolators and Circuit Breakers to ensure correct operation.
  • Ensure Solar Inverter is functional.
  • Ensure all panels and mounting rails are secured firmly to building or frame.
  • Test & Record DC voltage, amps and present power output at Solar Inverter.
  • Record total power output of Inverter.
  • Visual inspection of switchboard.

Brighte 0%  Interest payment plan now available!

Why choose Brighte?

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Do I qualify for a Brighte 0% Interest Payment Plan?

    1. Be a homeowner
    2.  Be 18 years or over
    3. Be employed, self employed, self funded retiree
      or receiving the Aged Pension
    4. Have a good credit history
    5. Be a permanent Australian resident or citizen

The Nitty Gritty

  • $1.50 weekly account keeping fee included in your fortnightly repayments
  • NO FEE’s for early repayments or payout!
  • NO FEE’s for requesting quotes through the Marketplace.
  • NO FEE’s to download and access the BrightePay app!
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